Introducing CoBlocks

CoBlocks is a collection of page builder Gutenberg blocks for content marketers, built by the fine folks at ThemeBeans.

We built CoBlocks for the next-generation block editor, codenamed Gutenberg. This new block editor absolutely empowers people to create rich content in such an intuitive fashion.

Building on top of this new foundational change in content creation, CoBlocks leverages Gutenberg to add even more functionality to the block editor. Space out content, drop in social icons, add gifs — all of these, and more, are new blocks powered by CoBlocks.

Extensible, adaptable, and open source — CoBlocks is created with theme and plugin developers in mind. There are opportunities for developers at all levels to get involved.

Click here to contribute to CoBlocks.


How do I start using Gutenberg and CoBlocks?

To get the full experience of the next-generation WordPress block editor, you’ll need a Gutenberg-ready WordPress theme, like CoBlocks, or Tabor (a super-charged Gutenberg theme). 

Then install the Gutenberg WordPress plugin. That’s it!

Should I use Gutenberg on my live site?

That’s totally up to you. We do on this site, as well as on my personal WordPress development and design blog

That said, the new block editor has been publicly released in WordPress 5.0 and is active on millions of sites already!

What WordPress themes work with CoBlocks?

Any properly developed WordPress theme will work with CoBlocks, though if you’re looking for an exceptional theme for writers and content marketers, check out Tabor

Developers are also able to apply minor style touch-ups to themes, to make the blocks fit in better with existing themes.

Is CoBlocks free?

Yes! CoBlocks’ core features are absolutely free. We may have a feature-filled pro version one day, but for now we’re experimenting with this next generation of WordPress editing — and we’re loving it!